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Q. How do I water my Kokedama?


Kokedama is easy to water. Simply place the Kokedama in a shallow dish filled with water approximately 1-2cm deep for 10 minutes (leafy side up). Once your Kokedama has drawn up the water through the base, place it on a drying rack for 10 minutes til the excess water drains off and return to it's location, ensuring the Kokedama receives airflow to reduce the chance of mould. 

We recommend watering outdoor Kokedama once per week and indoor plants every 3 days approximately. As a general rule, your Kokedama will need water if it is light in weight and dry to touch. Once watered the Kokedama will be heavy in weight.

Succulents and cacti require very little water and like lots of sunlight. Please water them once every 2 weeks approximately, or beforehand if the leaves start to shrivel. 


Over watering or leaving your Kokedama in
water will cause it to mould and rot. The moss
ball must be allowed to dry out (dry to touch)
for the period recommended.

Many plants like to be misted with water from a spray bottle. We recommend lightly misting your plant regularly.

Krystalis offers a Kokedama Care kit. This beautiful pack of 3 natural products will extend the life of your Kokedama, reduce the likely-hood of mould and rot and provide a health tonic for your plants. Our Indoor plant foliage spray, Mould prevention spray and a Health treatment are the perfect accessory for your newfound passion. https://krystalis.com.au/products/kokedama-care-kit-bundle

Q. Will my Sphagnum moss be alive until I need to use it?

A. Yes! Our sphagnum moss is a dried variety of moss and is re hydrated for the purpose of shaping your Kokedama and to hold moisture when watering your finished product. It will last 2-5 years and is a wonderful tactile medium that plants love. 

Q. Will I need to supply a plant for my kit and which plants can I use?

A. Yes! You supply and choose the plant to kokedama. We give you many suggestions in our booklet. Most varieties are hardy and commonly found. That way you have the choice to create something truly unique.

Some suggestions are - 

Anthuriums, Philodendrons, Ferns, Begonias, Angel hair vines, Coleus, Staghorn,

Echeveras or epyphitic (air) plants, Pothos, Spider plants, Jade, Ivy, Crotons, Peace Lily, Snake plant, Violets and Kalanchoe

 Succulents and Cacti

Q. Is Kokedama for indoor or outdoor plants?

A. Kokedama can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants. However, we suggest using hardy plants. Indoor plants such as Zanzibar hardly need water or care. Succulents make great outdoor Kokedama. We have many suggestions in our booklet, or contact us at Krystalis1@outlook.com.au We are always happy to help.

Q. Are Kokedama easy to make?

A. YES! With our kits and a fantastically easy method, everyone will love making Kokedama. In the past, the craft was awkward and difficult. Achieving a pleasing result and shape required a lot of practice. We have made it simple to make many Kokedama with our unique shaping mould. Who would have thought this simple device could change the way we make Kokedama. Kristina from Krystalis is able to make a medium sized Kokedama every 12 minutes. 

Q. Can I make different sizes and colours?

A. YES! With many colours to choose from the results are endless. Our mould helps you achieve a pleasing shape as it acts like another hand to keep the moss in place, however once the first wrap of string is on you can then shape the Kokedama easily into something you desire. Have you tried the beehive? Or the golf ball? Ask us how! We have many ideas. 

Q. Can I have an Online Zoom party and make Kokedama with my friends and family?

A. With 5 of your friends or family, Krystalis offers a VIP EXCLUSIVE Kokedama party with Kristina as your host. Simply email Krystalis1@outlook.com.au and order 5 Kokedama Kits. As the host of the party, your kit is FREE. Send us the postage details and we will send the kits to your guests. We then arrange a date and time for the party. As a VIP OFFER you will receive ALL the tips and tricks of the trade to have your Kokedama looking like it was made by a professional.  

Q. Why are Krystalis Kokedama kits different to the others on the market?

A. Our kits contain a unique shaping mould that sets it apart from the competition. Kokedama making is easy as the mould acts like a third hand to help shape and form. Our kits come with great photographic instructions and even have a handy mini scoop that allows you to place and press the soil mixture easily around your plant. Krystalis kits contain many other useful products and overdeliver on expectations. Our customers often comment that they thought they could never achieve such pleasing results, the first time they made these gorgeous bundles. And now they are going on to make Kokedama jungles.