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Connection through creativity

Uniting individuals through Kokedama workshops and kits, fostering the exchange of ideas among friends and colleagues. Our team-building workshops empower employees to enhance communication skills and build lasting connections, resulting in strengthened team dynamics and improved problem-solving abilities. In today's interconnected business environment, these essential soft skills propel teams towards achieving goals and conquering challenges.

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Kokedama Kit

Craft your own Kokedama effortlessly with the most user-friendly kit available! Our unique shaping mould and method cater to individuals with diverse abilities, ensuring everyone can achieve a delightful outcome.


Kokedama by Krystalis

Your kit is EXCEPTIONAL. I never dared try making a kokedama and your mould sold me. I smiled when I saw it. Such an ingenious device.

Anni D

I made my first Kokedama. It was super easy following the instructions that included photos. Very happy.


THANK YOU for supplying us with such a beautiful gift for our clients. They love their kokedama.


I love how simple they are to care for.


Your work is absolutely stunning.


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