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  • 5 Tips for Healthy Kokedama

    1. Use suitable, hardy plants such as Succulents, Ivy, Coleus, Anthuriums, Peace lily, Hypo Estes and Kalanchoe.
    2. Allow maximum airflow around the Kokedama ball and allow to dry between watering.
    3. Place your Kokedama in a position suitable to the plants needs. I.e., filtered light or bright sunlight.
    4. Do not soak the Kokedama ball. Fill the sink with 1-2cm of water and allow to draw up from the bottom for 10 minutes only.
    5. Fertilize with a liquid seaweed solution once per month as per watering method.
  • Plants suitable for Kokedama

    Plants suitable for Kokedama

    Indoor Plants

      • Anthuriums
      • Philodendrons
      • Asparagus ferns
      • Begonias
      • Vines
      • Coleus
      • Air plants
      • Pothos
      • Peace Lily
      • Staghorn ferns
      • Zanzibar

      Outdoor Plants

      • Succulents
      • Cacti
      • Spider plant
      • Kalanchoe
      • Mondo grass
      • Ivy
  • What is a Kokedama?

    What is Kokedama?

    Japanese moss balls are a style of bonsai. Kokedama means 'plant with no pot'. An ornate plant is wrapped in soil, sphagnum moss and jute string.