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Our Story

Krystalis began with a trip to my mums house. On our summer Christmas holiday, my family and I travelled over to Western Australia to visit my parents. A journey that was special and rare. The distance between us is great and when we get together we love to connect with activities. My mum, myself and my daughter love arts and crafts. So while we were there mum taught us the 'Art of Kokedama'.

Kokedama or Japanese moss balls are a great combination of gardening and craft. An ornate plant is wrapped in soil, sphagnum moss and jute string. The activity was fun for the whole family and I saw a way to bring families closer.

My husband and I developed a kit that could be posted to loved ones. Something they could create together via online meetings or just have, to compare and discuss what they had made. Over time it would be a memory that would grow with their connection. 'Remember the first one you made"? my mum will ask when I talk to her on the phone. I laugh and ask if its still alive. "of course" she replies. "You can see it when you come home".

 'A living gift that sends a loving thought'